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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
What you say is to rile up kobe fans.

Ill make it simple..

What Shaq was to Kobe during those championship is exactly what Wade is to Lebron during their championship. A season proven WINNER (wade) showing / leading Lebron to his first taste of a championship. I mean if Shaq did that for Kobe, Wade did it for Lebron.

All I can is, Kobe did it with Shaq. Kobe did it without Shaq. Then did it again without Shaq for good measures.

Did MJ do it without Pippen?
ill give you that wade may have helped lebron due to being a proven winner mentally, but on the physical playing basketball side, you can not say that shaq/kobe is even close to wade/lebron for this comparison. shaq was the main threat and he was getting tripled team, wade not so much. now if wade would have earned mvp and finals mvp and would have clearly lead the team, then i would say you are right, lebron was riding on wades coat tails.
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