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Originally Posted by TX_OutLaw View Post
That's the way 85% of these people on here are they all try to play this HOLIER THAN THOU attitude, like their sh*t don't stink! Or maybe like they have never felt taken by the balls and lead around to sniff others sh*t! C'mon get real guys if you would have gotten a B.S card in a $200 product you would have done the same!
Many of us did get the same type of card, and no, we didn't do the same.

We chose to stop purchasing the product, and will have second and third thoughts about purchasing that type of product in the future.

I'm not sure if Mr. Gray would be so pleasant if he was inundated with 100's of calls from customers who pulled $30 cards out of one of those packs, and demanded another free pack...

I know this product breakdown well enough.

you will usually get per case:

1 card valued at around $50 or less at the time Mr. Gray purchased the card, usually balanced out with an auto or sketch of more value

1 card valued at around $80-$125 at the time Mr. Gray purchased the card, with a scrub auto

1 card valued at $125 plus at the time Mr. Gray purchased the card, with a scrub auto

I suppose it isn't Mr. Gray's fault if, for example, a certain player's card cost him $45 to buy at the time it was purchased for this product and for packing, and the player gets injured, or significantly declines in performance and popularity.

I wouldn't be surprised if he paid near $45 for the gem mint chrome newton last year, for insertion into the product. It's now a $10 card. I doubt the card was accidentally placed in the product. If Newton's panthers were 11-1 right now and he was on course for 5000 yards passing, 40 td's and was becoming the face of the sport, the OP wouldn't be complaining cause the card would be a $50+ card.

It was a kind gesture of Mr. Gray, hopefully he understands the bad precedent he is creating for himself. If that's a sacrifice he is willing to make, then good for him.

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