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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
So they make mistakes and you want me to trust their subjective judgement as a fact? See rings, pts and other hard stats are not voted. They are achieved. A vote is a clear distinction of "Subjective" written all over it. Basically its an opinion. Even more less credible than any stat in my books.

Thats fine. But whos to say Jordan didnt rob someone else who deserved it?

This means absolutely nothing. Its just a prop for MJ fans to use as a cherry topper. Kobe lost in the playoffs. So did MJ. But MJ fans will try and curb that argument by forcing it to fit. So what do they do? They make the criteria fit the agenda. MJ never lost in the Final. Because that fact fits, it becomes the agenda. This is defined as "bottle view" in business terms. If I want to make something look good, I look for how it fits positively towards my argument by cancelling out my competitors that wouldnt fit. Its like me saying Kobe is better than MJ because Kobe put more consecutive 40+ ppgs than MJ did in the past decade. Of course that fits because MJ didnt do it, so its an automatic win for Kobe. And since I claim it to be important it now gives a check mark beside Kobes name!! Such a baseless way of debating apples to oranges.

Heres the down and dirty which keeps to rear its ugly head everytime there is talk about GOAT.

As a kobe fan, I choose to pick Kobe as the GOAT. Keeping that in mind, if you happen to be a MJ fan and claim him to be GOAT? My comment to you is, "I respect that. I dont knock it. Its your opinion and you can have it"

But as an MJ fan, if I choose Kobe as the GOAT, you dont care, you just want to knock it. It cant happen. The world comes to an end if MJ isnt #1.

Thats the difference.
I am not a Jordan fan. My favorite player is Bird and he is obviously a top ten player and not the goat. I have no horse in this race and I hated when the Celtics use to get abused by Jordan.

It's obvious you're biased. Please tell me a year when Jordan robbed someone of an MVP? Please enlighten me.
So what if Kobe had more 40 point games? The point is?

I know your mind won't be changed due to being biased. That's a pity bias clouds your vision because anyone with blinders on will disagree with you.

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