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Sorry you got slatered on your case break.

You shouldn't be surprised.

Someone who opens that much product should know that you get some good runs and some bad runs.

The good runs are usually towards the beginning of the product packing, where they are able to pack the cases with fair value. Towards the end of packing, when they realize they are running out of good 'case hits', but they still have the demand to sell sealed cases, they start filling up the remaining cases with leftover junk just so that they can sell more cases.

You got a bad tail-end run. Same thing happened with 2011 legendary cuts baseball.

I understand your complaints, but you should also understand after opening a hundred thousand dollars plus worth of cases a year that you aren't going to pull an equal number of RGIII and Luck autos as you are Egnew and Turbins. Topps never announced any print runs on their chrome products, and you get an uneven number of scrubs out of them as well, simply because their autographs are cheaper to obtain.

Save you 100k a year, and buy a t206 honus wagner, then you won't need to complain about the crappy product Ud is pooping out to us.

Yah, I was disappointed with my case break as well, but at least I stopped at 6 boxes....
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