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Originally Posted by 1eyed_jack View Post
It does hurt Lebron that he had to leave to go to someone elses team to win though, doesn't?
in some peoples eyes, yes, in mine, no. if cleavland could have built a championship team around lebron, we would have never had the decision. for the kobe/lebron debate concerning this. kobe has pretty much had everything on a silver plater, he was traded to the lakers (possibly the best franchise in the nba's history), a team known to have the resources to compete for a title pretty much year in and year out. kobe has had the best coaching and some of the best supporting casts a player could ask for (not to mention possibly the most dominant center the league has seen in his prime). lebron did not have those luxurys and had to jump ship for team success. pretty much everyone agrees with that, most just hate the way he did it. in a perfect world, sure it would have been incredible for lebrons legacy to be able to stay in cleavland and be a powerhouse, but he and everyone knew it was never going to happen in cleavland.
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