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On Amazon, anyone can return anything for any reason. The dynamic there is very different than on eBay. Amazon itself is the seller. They do not consider themselves to be a "venue". They are the internet's largest retailer, and they have a catalog of items for sale. They allow "third party merchants" to create listings and fill gaps in their catalog, but as far as they're concerned, it's their site and the customer is king.

It's kind of like if Wal-Mart were to let you sell stuff on a shelf in the back of their store. They would pay attention to what's selling, and if they saw you making a lot of money off a particular, repeatable product, they would figure out where you were getting the stuff and start selling it themselves, cutting your profit off at the knees. If they can't stock the item themselves, they will let you sell it, and take a cut of your sales. They still make money, and you help to populate their catalog with a wider variety of items.

Something like 1/3 of all items sold on the internet are sold through Amazon. They are like the Borg. They will assimilate you into the collective and then move on to assimilate others.
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