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Default 2012 UFC Bloodlines Box Break - Book Value Help

Hello all,

I picked up a box of the new UFC Bloodlines at my LCS, and here is the damage: (10 mini box with a hit in each)

Lyoto Machida Single Green Fighter Worn Relic 153/188
Antoinio Rogerio Nogueira Dual Worn Relic Red 5/8
Chad Sonnen/Dan Henderson Dual Fighter Worn Relics 5/88
Urijah Faber Commemoritive Patriotic Patch (Manufactured USA Flag) 20/25
Brian Ebersole Auto 197/449
Brian Stann Auto 66/88
Jim Miller Auto - Fighter Worn Relic 45/199
Chad Mendes Auto Red 2/8

and the last two were by bigger hits:

Rhonda Rousey Jumbo Fighter worn Relic 88/88

and Anderson Silva 2011 Champions Fighter Autographed Book Red Ink 3/3

Any thoughts on what the Silva might fetch? I have the Rousey up on Ebay already and will probably list the Silva soon.

Thanks for looking!
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