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Default Panini Replacement I'm disappointed

My wife bought me a Panini Elite Black box for my bday gift last month. Unfortunately 2 of the cards had damage in them. I sent it back to Panini requesting if I can get a replacement for the damage card. Here's what I got in the mail today. I'll let you guys read it.

Reading this letter does it mean that Panini would only replace damage cards within a 12 month period and if you past that they are no longer obligated to replace it? I'm disappointed! So what if you buy an older product and all the cards are damage so they won't replace it since it's ineligible? I guess I won't be buying older Panini boxes then.

Anyway the cards I sent was a Jeff Hornacek Flag Patch Auto (Peeling in the corner) and Luol Deng Jsy card (peeling on the back). If Press Pass can replace my damage Westbrook Auto from 08-09 with a similar card, I couldn't see why Panini which is a bigger brand can't do the same. Tsk tsk tsk!!!!
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