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Originally Posted by TheHeel View Post
I am going to the P.O. soon and will ship Express the following:

Michael Jordan RC in BCCG 8 Case - Min grade 6
Michael Jordan RC Raw - Min grade 6
(auto)Danny Brewer 2011 BDPP /50 - Min grade 9
(auto)Christopher Wallace 2011 BDPP /50 Min 9
(auto)Ben Tate 2011 Playoff Contenders min 9
(auto)Eric Berry 2011 Playoff Contenders min 9
(auto)Rob Gronkowski 2011 Playoff Contenders min 9
(auto)Aaron Hernandez 2011 Playoff Contenders min 9
(auto)Ike Davis 2008 BDPP /50 min 8.5
(auto)Matt Ryan / Joe Flacco 2008 SP Authentic /20 in PSA 10 case min grade 9.5
2012 Black Friday Kevin Durant Yellow w/ blank back - min grade 9

I will provide pics and tracking number in this post.

you got it!

i have been working on filling out the sub forms since i got home from work. as soon as i get all the scanned cards listed i will scan the ones that came in today and send PP invoices.

this sub looks great so far... a plethora of different cards and tastes on Blowout.
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