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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
bro, this is extremely unfair. for 1, I don't make money off any of the sketch cards I do, $15 was not profit, it pays for supplies to make it, the markers are $700 for a set, I have to buy markers/supplies regularly, you can't even sustain this biz selling the cards for this amount, most sketch card artists charge a minimum of $50 for something simple and then they charge more for anything with detail to it....... I just came from the hobby shop buying sketch cards and pens and dropped $100, I do this pretty much weekly.

but to further elaborate on what your saying, I donated $100 to the junior seau foundation directly from the page after it happened. you never bothered to ask me, or check on it, or even speak to me at all in reference to it. you are making false accusations, I never profitted a single dime off that card, I lost money if you want to count cash on it, but I consider it a donation, all the cards are for people who request them, I draw whatever someone requests, I don't just make them to make them, the setup is not to make money, ask any full time sketch artist you know online, and they would laugh at someone saying they made money off a $15 sketch card. it's not realistic, you don't understand the industry and your feeling negative based off something you made up in your own mind.
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