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Been a busy few weeks, traded in my biggest 264 this past weekend. For those who don't recall, my car's last three digits of the VIN were 264. Wife is now driving a new vehicle..... LOL

Broke the 700 Barrier for the 264 "variant" PC, up to 703.....

From a good friend Travis Macken, thank you sir!

2002 Titanium Ken Dilger / Jerramy Stevens 264/750

Another addition from Alex, my Aussie friend from down under....

2011 Limited Torrey Smith 264/299

A COMC find....

2012 Ultimate Collection Nick Foles 264/450

Finished the Trilogy of Packer Rookie Autos out of Momentum (I think....)

2012 Momentum Jerel Worthy 264/799

Normally don't chase the base rc, but it was graded....

2010 SP Authentic Major Wright 264/599 PGA 10

Remember this guy was hot with the Yankees, meh....

2004 SP Authentic Drew Henson 264/990


Saturday edition.....don't want to get suspended for adding today's mail (before 24 hours), so had to edit this one...

A Quad from 2012....

2012 Topps Prime Andrew Luck / Trent Richardson / Robert Griffin III / Justin Blackmon 264/610

My Bucket:

Better Bucket:

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