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Originally Posted by nuccionino View Post
I think you could do well as well. Best of luck!

Thanks. This will probably be the last time I break for a good while. I just wanted to see what kind of ROI I can get since they were all black friday "specials"

Originally Posted by nickha2 View Post
Lol at your little box of top loaders.
Gotta throw something in to get that free shipping!!

KC Fans need to come in. Pulled a Bowe Jsy /75 and a Larry Johnson Auto 10/10

Will upload scans of hits, from what I get done, before bed.
Buying all past and present Braves (in a Braves Uniform or in their system when the card was made). Also, looking for Falcons and UGA & GT Football Alumni (A.J. Green, Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford, etc) COMC account 800+ cards lowest prices on the site.
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