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Originally Posted by scotts View Post
Are you out of your mind? Luck as the next McNabb? I don't think Luck is gonna make people forget about Manning but he will be better then McNabb ever was. I do agree with you about RG3 though, he needs to learn to get down when he runs in the middle of the field. He can say he will slide but he never does. Remember young man the name Mike Vick. Oh and the Browns actually have a good defense, so thats not so far fetched as you made it sound.
I might of went a little to far saying Mcnabb but he will never come close to being like Peyton. I know Vick probably my favorite player in NFL (I think just cause he is from Virginia Tech). Browns defense is good where? They are 16th (22.1) for points against, 23rd (367.7) for total yards against, 24th (252.1) for passing yards against and 16th (115.6) for rushing yards against
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