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Originally Posted by katzky View Post
In 2005 Mastronet Auctions had two that both had hammer prices > 3000$ + commission. I know this because I was bidding on them.

Out of curiosity, what do you think its worth?

ALL recorded sales for this card on VCP are as follows:

Date Auction Link Seller Buyer Bids Price Extra
8/29/12 eBay Listing | Image db2995 z***y Best Offer $2,150.00
5/25/12 Mile High Image 14 $1,789.76
11/19/10 Legendary Image 11 $1,896.00
5/2/08 Mastro Image 20 $1,800.00

FYI Back in 2005 (and still in 2008) Mastro is known for shilling their auctions (from what I have read)... Prices realized at those times were often prices never realized again.

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