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Originally Posted by penny1fan View Post
RIP little fellas
Lock it up!
Originally Posted by TheHeel View Post
You should give these pics to the owner. Press him to get an exterminator.
If I catch some more, I will. I'm in tight with the owner. Our church owns the house. It's right next door and is convenient. A local real estate agency handles the rental, so one call and my problems would disappear. I'll see how many I catch and update this thread with pics.

Originally Posted by Chaz View Post
Rat killer my python would have loved those fat a$$ rats. I hope one there buddies snuggled up with you tonight while you sleep hahaha
That's disgusting. I can only imagine mice running across us while we sleep.

I haven't seen any mice poop upstairs, so I'm hoping they are confined to the basement only
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