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Originally Posted by BostonNut View Post
Be glad you don't live on a river.

I catch 5 of those bastards a day and I'm a neat freak...
I'd move
Originally Posted by Chaz View Post
Get a cat and your work will be done for you. It's like having a slave that's works for food hahaha.
Can't have pets. Says so in my lease. Livid

Originally Posted by MasterPattie View Post
Let me tell you something Grantie poo...if you ever stay at my grandma's house and you hear something scurrying around in the ceiling, you better hope it's a mouse, because it could be something bigger, meaner, and with sharper teeth.
I'd be scared
Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
I thought glue sheets were banned because they are inhumane??

Alteast you caught those little suckers.
I hope I don't catch any more. Gonna set about 8 traps today and see what happens

Originally Posted by JosieDively View Post
Those are huge! We have a mouse right now, too. The thing is driving me crazy.
Gross. Kill it.
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