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Originally Posted by katzky View Post
In 2005 Mastronet Auctions had two that both had hammer prices > 3000$ + commission. I know this because I was bidding on them.

Out of curiosity, what do you think its worth?

Full retail, 1700-1800
A flip item to buy, 1200.
You have to find the right seller
You have to pay fees more than likely.
If you put that card at a place like HA, it would sell this month but not again, more than likely,till April.
If you offered this item to me in Jan/Feb I would only offer 800.00
The issue is money out, time and money in.
I can buy 60 ounces of silver and flip it in 7 days with my other silver when it goes to the refiner and make 20% on my investment. So if it were myself, I would have to figure if I cannot make X in time frame X then it's bad math.

I am not trying to bust your sale, but you are selling to a lowball flipper, no offense bomber, it is what you do and how you make your money. You are not selling it to a non-sports person. TBH, I would offer your card over at net54 and find a buyer there are 1400-1500 fairly easily.

Good luck with your card
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