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Default 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball 4 box Case Break Team Draft

I was not seeing any team drafts for sterling and it looks nice this year with the added content. Looking to do 15 spots - 2 teams per spot in a snake team draft format.

4 boxes with 18 auto's per box we are looking at 72 auto's coming out of this break. Should be fun. If you would rather do an 8 box case we can, just put your comments below.

Once the break is filled and everyone has paid, a mod will random the list three times at Slot holder number one will have first pick of any of the teams and we will go in order until slot 15. After the 15th pick the order reverses, so whoever had last choice of teams in round 1 gets 1st pick for round 2.

Current Case Price is $1,095/15 spots = $73
Shipping plus supplies = $5 (will cost more to ship as people are getting multiple hits)
Paypal fees = $2.56 (78*.029+.30) =


$80.56 for 1st spot
$78 for 2nd spot

Please send paypal goods to and only include your blowout username in the message.

We will have the break the night I receive the case, hopefully the 1st week of 2013.

BREAK IS SCHEDULED FOR 8:30pm EST Friday, 1/4/13. Link to blogtv channel:

List of participants:

1. skate81 - paid
2. jrubbo23 - paid
3. shanehw - paid
4. NeedChapmans - paid
5. NeedChapmans - paid
6. mcholke - paid
7. TrueNE_09 - paid
8. mtlhawk33 - paid
9. jrubbo23 - paid
10. BlueMarlin528 - paid
11. Python35 - paid
12. Atoaz12 - paid
13. Oogie - paid
14. Caddy305 - paid
15. 711 cards - paid

Back ups: Parky755, spookowl

Draft Order

Round 1:

jrubbo23 - Washington
Atoaz12 - Texas
TrueNE_09 - LA Angels
711 cards - Seattle
Caddy305 - Cincy
skate81 - Toronto
NeedChapmans - Baltimore
shanehw - Boston
BlueMarlin528 - Oakland
NeedChapmans - Chicago Cubs
Python35 - Arizona
jrubbo23 - Detroit
mcholke - Colorado
mtlhawk33 - St. Louis
Oogie - Kansas City

Round 2:

Oogie - New York Yankees
mtlhawk33 - Pittsburgh
Mcholke - Milwaukee
jrubbo23 - Chicago White Sox
python35 - San Diego
needchapmans - Tampa Bay
bluemarlin - Miami
shanehw - LA Dodgers
needchapmans - NY Mets
skate81 - Cleveland
caddy305 - Atlanta
711 cards - Houston
TrueNE_09 - Minnesota
Atoaz12 - San Francisco
jrubbo23 - Philadelphia

Break Rules:

1. Break will be held live on blog tv, recorded, and uploaded to youtube for future viewing.
2. I will always do a recap video of hits.
3. All cards will be sent via bubble mailer with DC.
4. Any card valued over $250 I will ask for you to pay insurance on.
5. For team breaks, Players go to the teams uniform they are wearing on the card.
6. Cards featuring multiple players on different teams will be randomized between the teams on the card. If one person owns 2 of the 3 players for a triple auto, they automatically receive the card.
7. All randomizations are done by a Blowout mod using
8. Cards will be mailed out within 2 days to your paypal address, unless you tell me otherwise.
9. Have fun! Hopefully everybody can watch live and participate...the more, the better.

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