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Originally Posted by runrickyrun View Post
Russel Wilson is a 'rich mans version' of Doug Flutie. He should have a nice career until mobility becomes an issue.

Andrew Luck has more upside, but I see him putting up Brett Favre type numbers - lots of TDs and yards, but will throw more INTs than the average starting QB throughout his career.

RGIII - bad feeling he could sustain a major injury that plagues him throughout his career. By far the most exciting player in the league.

Weeden - might get another year or two as a starter; teams will have confidence in him as a backup

Tannehill - toughest QB to get a read on; like the upside, but will take longer to develop
I thought the same thing bout RGIII until he played the Vikes no one could catch him. Has far exceeded my expectations, but now like Vick I am actually more worried about accuracy on deep balls. There passing game has not really been far down the field.

Luck to me is doing the most with the least. Wayne aside there isn't much there in WR, they are very young. Hopefully Wayne will be a good influence on the young guys moving forward. Also I feel his Int are a little high, but he is throwing the ball downfield more from what I have seen.

Wilson is really impressive but feel he is being asked to do the least, of the big three.

Tannehill is very tough to read for me as well.

Weeden needs to figure some things out.

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