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Originally Posted by TASS View Post
If you have a hole the circumference of a dime they will get in your house, and based on that one night catch you will have another 5-10 caught by next morning.

The house being the age it is probably has numerous entrances in the basement and I'm sure they are getting upstairs in your living space. make sure your food (open boxes etc.) are in air tight containers.

I worked as am Environmental coordinator/Sales for a large pest control firm in Ma. right out of College and have seen infestation like yours too many times.

Always place the traps/ glueboards on the perimeter walls like you did as they run the walls using there whiskers as 'guides'. It may be impossible depending on how the basement is constructed but look for the holes and seal up the best you can.

DON'T use bait as they will die in the walls etc. and you will have major problems!

Good Luck!
Yeah we aren't using bait. I don't want this place stinking. I haven't noticed mice upstairs. We have kids and they leave stuff out, plus our pantry has cereal boxes on the floor. No signs yet. I'm hoping they don't make their way up here. I've got 6 traps set right now. If I catch a couple more I'm calling the landlord and getting an exterminator out here.
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