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Favorites throughout the years...

NES and sNES as a kid = Zelda and NBA Jams
My cousin and I spent countless hours shredding Zelda, as Mario became childs-play. As much of a Knick homer as I was, Ewing and Starks could not stop Alonzo and LJ

Arcade as a teen = Street Fighter
This game was played in mall arcades, local pizzeria's as well as other hot spots. The trash talking, the actual fist fights, the drama. In the early 90's you listened to hip-hop and could throw 30 fireballs, followed by a sweep kick and "shoruken" uppercut.

PC as an adult = SOFII (Solider of Fortune 2) MP
Anyone who was an online gamer in the early 2000's knows this game basically set the bar for modern day military first person shooters. The was COD from a decade ago...
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