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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Many of MJs team mates claim MJ was the biggest arse to them. He would demand them to be traded to treating them like dirt. But that doesnt take away from his accomplishments.

If this was a "whos the nicest Laker of all time", you would have a case with that argument. Unfortunately thats not the subject.

Its clear Magic himself claims Kobe to be the best laker of all time. So does Shaq and Jerry West. Are you going to tell me their choice dont count? and if they dont count, who would be better choice of making that decision on best laker of all time?
but that's the double standard

Jordan treats his teammates like crap and "he's such a competitive player, always demanding the best!"

Kobe does the same and "he's such a bad teammate and leader"
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