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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
Like the sound of that congrats and good luck!

why would this affect only the losers like us Say this year this guy wins...

And with his first round pick in the 12th draft position he wants to keep his first overall selection - Aaron Rodgers? Well he can. This benefits the winners and the losers if we went with it

Absolutely. Otherwise you could say "I drafted so and so and traded him to someone else" and I want to keep him and what if the other guy wants to keep him as well? Well if we let that go then whom ever drafted someone has rights to him which I don't thinks fair. I think if you trade someone or drop someone you lose your rights to keep that player. And if you want to keep someone you traded for you get to keep him at the position he was drafted at, minus one round.

Anyway so if you dropped Harvin and we know you drafted him in the 4th round and I wanted to keep him for myself I could pick him up and use my 3rd round pick on keeping him I could. Once you drop or trade a player you no longer have any rights to that player. What ever your final roster is at the end of the year are the players you are eligible to keep. If they aren't on your roster you can't keep them but in your case if we go with a worst to first serpentine draft order even if you end up losing in the first round I think you'd be crazy not to keep Rodgers next year baring some freak injury anyway and Harvin in the 3rd round next year doesn't seem like as good of a deal to you as Rodgers in the 12th hole anyway

Exactly. People are going to keep players drafted in the later rounds over top overall picks for the most part with some exceptions but that's the general rule with one keeper like I'm suggesting.

Some excellent keepers next year would be these guys who were drafted in last years draft. To be clear any players who weren't drafted would cost you a 7th round pick to keep (Like Cecil Shorts) and anyone picked up off the waivers like Harvin who was drafted would be kept in the draft position they were drafted in. Some of the best drafted studs from our last draft taken after the 7th round in my opinion were:

Round 07 - Pierre Garcon (Was - WR) LikeSomeRice
Round 07 - Reggie Wayne (Ind - WR) 1st and Goal
Round 07 - Stevan Ridley (NE - RB) Bx3
Round 08 - C.J. Spiller (Buf - RB) JackGWinsAgain
Round 09 - San Francisco (SF - DEF) mmkyszka
Round 10 - Andrew Luck (Ind - QB) Team Awesome
Round 10 - Mikel Leshoure (Det - RB) Go_Wiz
Round 11 - Malcom Floyd (SD - WR) Long Bomb
Round 13 - Alfred Morris (Was - RB) Addicted
Round 13 - Houston (Hou - DEF) Tolrobb
Round 14 - Randall Cobb (GB - WR) JackGWinsAgain

I believe all of those guys would be drafted higher then those rounds next year. And that's 10 of the 12 teams represented in a short list which benefits everyone, the winners and losers from my eyes.

The only problem with this format and this goes with Robbs worst drafts first serpentine draft next year would be this....if we lose players next year. If we did this it will be a lot for a newbie to digest. If we all come back and play next year this won't be a problem. If we have turnover then we need to reconsider starting fresh with the drafting order and can completely the keeper idea. Also I'm not sure we need to make a decision about the worst to first drafting order just yet. I'm not saying that this will happen but guys like me who are already out of the playoffs might tank to get a higher draft position next season. So lets hold off on making a decision about that one just yet.

I think we need a show of hands for those thinking about playing again next season first. So if your in for next year please post your in, if you know your out then post your out. If I don't see you post within a weeks time I will pm you. I know I am definitely in next year. Thanks
oh so Alex got Alfred Morris in the 12th round. No wonder he wants to make this a keeper league.

I agree with Keygang 100%, if ANYONE drops out, we should postpone the keeper league idea until next season.
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