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Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
I think I liked it better not knowing how the sausage got made.

Wow--I can't believe how little they are paying the artists who do this great work.
Well now I don't know what Jusko or Mayhew charged to do the cards or even what Nar charged but I do know regular artists were being paid 2 dollars a card for UD and 5 dollars for just about every other company. the AP's is where we make our money supposedly but if we doon't do outstanding work on the regular cards we can't make up the difference for time spent, selling AP's. So artists with low skills will do a lot of cards. or even good artists will do a lot because they just won't have time to do AP"s.I have over 200 AP's and AE's sitting here that I haven't had a chance to sell much less draw an sell. So yeah do us all a favor buy AP's and get the card prics down because much like any market Bubbles are created and they do pop. And this price thing is what causes bubbles.
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