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Originally Posted by Tarheelsfan2012 View Post
I'll go
1. Magic
2. Kareem
3. Jerry West

Wilts not here because for over half of his career he was in Philly and from reading Bill Simmons Book of Basketball Wilt sounded like a Douche. Kobe is good but not convinced he had a bigger impact on the game than the top 3 I listed. He wouldnt have won the first three titles if Shaq wasnt there because lets be honest, during those years Shaq bullied and dominated people.
What does another play have to do with rings? The argument that if someone wasn't there plays equally for every player

Without pippen, mj wins 0 titles
Without Kobe, Shaquille wins no titles in la
Without "insert team mate here" player doesn't win a title

Lets be honest here , NO player wins a titles if you take any player away from a winning team
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