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Default one box 2012 Benchwarmer Vault

Had a blast participating in my first ever group break... dooby's 2012 Benchwarmer Vault break.

Today, I visit my LCS, and they've got a box of 2012 BW Vault. I'm the only BW collector they have in the shop, so I know they got it with me in mind. I can't say no, so I grab it.

I'm pretty happy with the Hit Pack, especially the Catherine Kluthe auto/kiss card.

My inner box is a 2006 Series 1 box. I hesitate, then decide to break it. I think I pretty much killed the odds. There were the two promised autographs... and I also got a Schoolgirl auto (1 in 2 boxes)... but then I got 2 kiss cards! And no one but the guys at the shop who saw me open it would believe... the two kiss cards came from the same pack!!

Here they are... thanks for reading.

Vault Hit Pack-

... and the results of the 2006 box-

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