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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
You can't equate Kobe's rings while being the 2nd guy with those when he was 'the man'.

Jordan was the man for ALL his titles. Kobe was not. And that needs to be factored in.
MJ was the man in 91 for those rings. Not 84, not 87 no 1990. In 1991.

So now we are stooping to taking away titles from Kobe because he was young and on a team with a star like Shaq in his prime.

Lets be fair here and take away MJs titles because without Pippen he could never got won a single one.

So as much as you want to give 100% credit to Shaq for those titles, Im willing to give Pippen the same amount because without him MJ gets 0 titles.

Fact remains.... KOBE played an integral role in winning those 3 rings with Shaq.
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