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Originally Posted by strongy78 View Post
Totally agree with that. Kobes Laker teams have QUIT multiple times in playoff series. They have straight up "checked out" and quit. You think Magics Laker teams would ever pull that crap? NOT EVEN CLOSE. Magic is the greatest Laker ever by far. He did more to save basketball (him and Larry Bird) and bring it to where it is today than anyone else. Kobe just jacks up shots and "gets his". He doesnt make his teammates better either. I am a Kobe hater but facts are facts. Great scorer, yes. Top 15 player ever, yes. The most impressive thing about him is that he has played so many games. 17 years and never really missed any time. That is more impressive than the 30,000 points etc IMO. Good conditioning, great drive etc but the best Laker ever??? Nope!
Oh, so now we're comparing guys like

Lamar Odom
Smush Parker
Chris Mihm
Kwame Brown
Andrew Bynum
Luke Walton

to guys like

James Worthy
Byron Scott
Kurt Rambin
AC Green

yeah, ok
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