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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Good then throw titles and championships out of the equation.

What next?

Want to throw out MVPS because Kareem has more than MJ?
Want to throw out total pts because Kareem has more than MJ?
Want to throw out titles because Russell has more than MJ (so does Horry)?

What else dont you want it based on? Just the facts that MJ wins ahead of the rest??
I didn't say Jordan was the best all time. I said I was taking an example of a player who has a much better argument than Kobe for being the best ever. You argued Kobe was the best ever in the second post of this thread and that's an opinion that nearly no one who isn't biased has. I argued your point that's all. Now you change the subject. Something screams of defeat and being bias....

Looking for the following. Pierce on the Celtics, Penny on the Magic, Jordan BGS/PSA inserts, Lebron PSA/BGS rookies, Ray Allen Celtics auto, and Kevin Garnett Celtics auto
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