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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
Have to disagree about as strongly as possible. Rodgers is solid, Percy is oft injured and in his 4 year career has only finished one season playing all 16 games. If I had the choice of Aaron Rodgers for the last pick of the first round and Percy Harvin in the 3rd round there is no choice to me. But that's just me lol

I'm ok with the Percy clause and any other clauses we need to come up with. Your right this was bad timing to talk about this idea but like your weak "No" I'm cool either way we do it. And I take it that your in next year with your reply

Keegan, you know you have to keep Trent Richardson my friend, that's sick value
Rodgers is solid, but so are 5 to 7 other quarterbacks. Percy being "oft injured" is a bit of a misconception. He's only missed 3 games in his career prior to this ankle injury. I'm leaning towards Percy honestly.

I am for sure in for next year. I did my best, however if you guys think someone else should be commissioner next year, I'm okay with it.
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