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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
Never trust Shanahan man you know this. Just fyi I wouldn't be keeping Morris for that very reason lol. I like the 27 year old Bradshaw as a 3rd, Stevie Johnson as a 4th, Torrey Smith as a 5th, and maybe even Witten as a 6th, Kenny Britt as a 7th, and Gonzalez (if he returns) as an 8th more then Morris. I like Morris, but don't think he would be kept by me because of the Shenagans that always plays with Mike S.

I agree with this as well. If we all return then we do it. If one can't we start it in 2014
I'd probably take my chances and keep Alfred if I were in your shoes. You have a difficult decision ahead of you my friend.
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