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Originally Posted by durstlimpbizkit View Post
I'm assuming this guy in the UK is going to be in some trouble if he's posting this stuff already.
I've already been told attorneys for Crypto are on it. I've bought from that seller too, one sketch for WDCC. The few dollars he'll make on being the first to sell is NOT worth the trouble he'll get in to. I know I carefully posted some "presale" items. I followed their instructions, and hope I did not upset anyone by doing thus.

Btw, I wanted to add something. Box prices may seem ridiculous. But EVERY box in my case hit 2-3 relics....the autograph, and other goodies. With all the things I opened this year, no other set even comes close to this set. BBT gave it a run for it's $$, but quite honestly this set is really amazing.

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