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Originally Posted by coltman18 View Post
I disagree, let me explain, and if I am wrong, then I am wrong...

Why not keep the 3 companies and limit what they produce. Say each company can only produce 5-7 products a year? This would make the cards more valuable with limiting products. But instead they take away Topps and allow UD to make 20 products, let me restate that, allow UD to make 20 OVERPRICED products.

This move will loose more people in this hobby. Remember grandma and grandpa or mom and dad usually buy a regular Topps set for kids or grandkids for holidays, now what are they going to buy? With the state of the country right now, with out cheeper Topps products for kids to buy, the card industry will slowly start loosing collectors. How many kids can afford a $20+ pack of cards? Not many...

Just my 2 cents...
If you owned a company and could make a ton of money producing and making money on 20 different products, why would you make only 10?
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