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Originally Posted by solt0131 View Post
If you owned a company and could make a ton of money producing and making money on 20 different products, why would you make only 10?
I was saying, instead of allowing only 2 companies to make FB cards, why not just limit the amount of product a company can produce. They did this with baseball what about 3 years ago and it seemed to work out...

Are you telling me that you want more product with contents like SP Signature, SPX or SP Threads...

I know you can not make money on everything you open and dont expect that, but open a case of any UD product and open a case of a Topps product and see what percent you get back on each. I would venture to say that your % of money back would be greater with any Topps product, the only "decent" product UD makes for FB is SP Authentic, and that is hit or miss...
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