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Originally Posted by ilovethelakings View Post
Okay, now enough is enough. Stop PMing me with these "fantastic" ideas of yours. First, you ripped off other famous slogans. Now you are ripping off movie quotes. Do you ever have an original thought of your own? I guess clarka was really the brains on your former team:

May the cards be with you.

You know what they call COMC in France? A Royale with cheese.

This! Is! Check Out My Cards!

Don't you know who we are? We're COMC, bitch!

Nobody puts COMC in the corner.
A few more he sent my way via smoke signal (and my one year of cub scouts pays off again, yes!)

You down with COMC? Yeah you know me.

COMC. It's what's for dinner.

C-O-M-C, C-O-M-C. They have everything, that you need to enjoy, you can hang out with all the boys.

The greatest trick that COMC ever pulled was convincing the world that it didn't exist.

Finally, and this last one seemed long winded to me quite frankly:

I wish I could tell you that COMC fought the good fight, and the Sisters let it be. I wish I could tell you that - but prison is no fairy-tale world.
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