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For everyone asking a price I do not want to share yet. I don't want people to hold it over my head when trying to buy cards. Let's just say I sold 4 Peyton manning RC's an got most o my money back from the first lot. I didn't post any response to be a tough guy I just thought it was funny for someone to be worried about me who doesn't know me and it was a sarcastic comment. I already apologized once for it. Hard to determine someone's tone on the Internet. I posted this pickup for one reason, to try to HELP anyone find cards for their PC an also make my money back, maybe some profit of course, in the meantime. I also will keep some and also give/trade some to friends. The rarer inserts in this lot are very sought after and I think I will do very well here. When I move a good amount I'll let you know what I paid. There are a lot of nice cards in here and like isaid I will make my money back on 5 cards or less. Figure get the SV for the top 5 cards or so and thats about what I paid for everything. Anyone who really wants to know and not just try to get a steal on a card since I did can do the little work. Anyone interested please PM me what you want and offers are encouraged as I am very busy with work. Thanks.

I also understand GEM doesn't add value to most cards but most of these are in great shape. I have sold some in the past for a decent premium and also some for the same as raw. I don't see these being altered since most are low end RC's, it's not like they are Jeter SP RC's and other very valuable cards. I didn't buy them because they were GEM I bought them because they were RC's of superstars in great condition. If you assume everything graded by gem is altered then you must assume every raw card is also? Not sure I really understand since they are mostly $5-15 cards and not worth altering. I just think they are very willing to give out a 10 lol. Also the Rivera (if that what was being talked about) is in very nice condition and I will be keeping it. If I did sell it I would almost guarantee it would sell for the price of a raw copy and probably slightly more.
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