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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Now, I don't mean to be a total douche here... I like to buy APs from the artist over buying a card I like from a dealer BUT I can't justify paying $100, $150, or $200 for an AP when I can get a very nice card from that same artist for $15-$40. I understand that the AP will be better, but... for me that is a lot of money to pay for a 2.5 x 3.5 sketch. If an artist's AP is 10-25% greater than their eBay value, I will ALWAYS seek out an AP first. For 5finity stuff, I gravitate towards artist blanks or returns because they are usually within my budget. But for Marvel licensed sets it can be tough.

Also - obviously a RA oversized AP that has more surface than 2 standard cards commands a higher price. But in my experience, a lot of artists charge more for an UD AP than they do for an RA? Huh?

Justice41 - As an artist who seems to be pretty much fed up with this game, or at least with Upper Deck, I'd love to hear what you have to say on this. I'm really curious what the mindset is. Again, I hope I haven't offended you or any other artist with that comment.

Apparently I've been offending artists lately, right Monkey? You know all of my posts have been removed from that thread
Not sure what you are asking, but if it's about AP prices, well it goes this way from what I can tell. We get paid buttkiss for our inserts so the company can make money and we artists can have a venue to sell our own art as PSC's. The AP's are official licensed and approved artwork unlike the crap most toss up as PSC's. The AP's are supplemental income. Which tells anyone paying attention that even the companies are telling us we are being hosed. It's a little like a trick a lot of indy comics pull with the whole back end or percentage of profit deals. But it's the deal that's out there and we are grown ups and if we don't like the deal we can drop out. My deal with UD is strictly about not being paid for work done. I refuse to do any more than 3 separate jobs for any single client unless all past payments are made. This keeps me from being strung along. I'd rather drop em than being led around until they think I've forgotten or given up.
And no I'm not fed up with the sketch card thing. I don't draw for collectors so whatever they do i don't really care. I draw what I like, if people like it good if not, good. makes no never mind. My only concern is this whole price thing is looking a whole lot like the comics speculators from the 90's.Keep in mind prices of anything can only be maintained for a short while before the bubble bursts. By artificially inflating prices, flippers and dealers will eventually kill the sketch card business. just a matter of time.
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