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Originally Posted by justice41 View Post
My only concern is this whole price thing is looking a whole lot like the comics speculators from the 90's.Keep in mind prices of anything can only be maintained for a short while before the bubble bursts. By artificially inflating prices, flippers and dealers will eventually kill the sketch card business. just a matter of time.
This could certainly happen if a lot of dealers are sitting on a lot of inventory that they refuse to sell at the price the market will bear.

That said I think the only real license at risk for that is Marvel as they keep churning out Marvel sketch cards . . . The print runs on many other sketch products are absurdly low. Marvel does have the largest fan base though, and also the fan base that's the most likely to grow. . .

I thought the market was saturated several years ago, but nothing seems to have changed. . .

I think the biggest risk, actually, is buyers. There are a small number of buyers that pay a ton of money for certain sketches. If a couple of top buyers drop out that could cause a big ripple effect.

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