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If they're listed for $1 on COMC, figure conservatively that you could readily get 50 cents on average. Then figure that it will cost you 25 cents to process. So, you'll have 25 cents profit. But if you cash out the 50 cents, you'll get 40 cents cash, so it will be a 15 cent profit if you're paying cash to process and getting cash from COMC. (As opposed to using existing COMC Credit for the processing fee and using the COMC credit to buy additional cards).

So, when the smoke clears, you'll have about 15 cents per card more than you have now. If you assume eBay / Paypal fees of 12%, you'd need to sell the card lot for an average of about 18 cents.

If you figure that the cards will sell, on average, for 70 cents, then you'd need to sell the eBay lot for an average of 35 cents to reach parity.

If you already have COMC credit in your account, and value it the same as cash (because you can use it to purchase items that you would otherwise use cash to obtain), then the breakeven point with eBay would be about 28 cents to about 52 cents per card.

You don't have to choose between trying to sell on eBay and trying to sell on COMC. You could do both. You could list the lot as a bulk lot on eBay first, as a fixed price with best offer or as an auction with an opening bid that's at least as much as you would clear on COMC. Then, if it doesn't sell, you can submit the cards to COMC.
COMC auto accept is currently set at 35% off.
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