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Originally Posted by dd316 View Post
Here's the thing - art is subjective, everybody knows that. But the birth of the internet really gave all the haters a voice. And sadly, that voice is much louder than the latter.

It's frustrating reading some of the venom that's being spewed when many times, honestly, it's not warranted. If you don't like the art, don't buy the product. It's not the artist's fault you're unhappy, blame the company that commissioned it. All these card companies have the right to refuse what they consider sub-par work BEFORE it gets into the hands of collectors who plunked down $XXX for it. But keep in mind if you want a better all-around product, it's gonna cost more.

On the same note, I do think some artists could probably use some thicker skin. Criticism is part of the game - if you can't take the heat, find another kitchen. I took a bit of a whuppin' with my work on the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue set. I worked my ass off for 6 months getting that done. And when samples were posted, the first comments out of the gate were "The art sucks.... blah blah blah." Obviously it's not what I wanted to hear, and if you dig into the BO archives my comments on this are still around somewhere, but I kind of took it in stride and used it to improve my work. And you know what, the set was a big success and as I was when I first signed on, I'm very proud of my work.

I'm making lemonade, dammit!!
I think part of it too is just the age-old internet issue of not thinking there's a human being on the other side of your ranting. I try to be very mindful of that, but I fall short sometimes too.

This thread has been very informative for me to understand some of the financial and time pressures the companies put the artists under. I can see where even if you aren't super-sensitive about criticism, it would be frustrating to hear collectors bitch about the work you did without knowing these constraints.
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