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TXRANGERSFAN: 15 auto 1 base
R1. 2012 topps chrome Yu Darvish gold ref auto 5/50
R2. 2012 bowman chrome Nomar Mazara gold ref auto 42/50
R3. 2012 bowman chrome Ronald Guzman blue ref auto 120/150
R4. 2012 bowman chrome Ronald Guzman blue ref auto /150
R5. 2012 bowman chrome Ronald Guzman orange ref auto 14/25
R6. 2012 bowman chrome Rougned Odor blue wave auto 18/50
R7. 2012 bowman chrome rougned odor orange ref auto 8/25
R8. 2012 bowman chrome Rougned odor purple ref auto 9/10
R9. 2012 bowman chrome ronald guzman ref auto 340/500
R10. 2012 bowman chrome tyler austin ref auto 292/500
R11. 2010 bowman draft mike olt blue ref auto 42/150
R12. 2012 bowman chrome tyler skaggs blue ref auto 20/150
R13. 2011 leaf metal draft manny machado ref auto 12/99
R14. 2012 bowman chrome rougned odor blue ref auto 74/150
R15. 2012 bowman chrome nomar mazara blue ref auto 95/150
R16. 2012 Bowman chrome Manny machado gold ref 9/50

Insure for $1500

I vote immediate posting.

My other two Guzman cards show out for delivery today, you can just hold them and send back with the graded cards.
Incoming Topps Tek (SCB break)(metsy617 trade)(kyle121592 purchase)
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