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Originally Posted by Rian Fike View Post
While I understand that completely, I also believe that constructive criticism is essential to artitic progress. Call it "bitching" is usually not fair.

There should be a place where collectors can talk about high and low levels of quality in the artwork they are sponsoring, using contructive criticism to advance the hobby.

But no.

Almost every time someone speaks out about skill or effort, no matter what level of quality they are talking about, there is an immediate outcry from the artists.

Not a big problem, just the state of the hobby.
Constructive criticism is one thing, it's flat out complaining or spiteful comments that don't help. It's the latter that usually sparks the outcry.

"X Artist really should work on their perspective" is much better than "This artwork is a joke, I wouldn't line my cat's litter box with it!"

I had a great conversation with Warren Martineck at the last Philly Show about my work, and he was extremely helpful in offering suggestions and breaking down a few areas where my art needs more work. I totally respect what he had to say and have been taking his suggestions seriously and applying them. He could have just said my work was sub-par and left it at that, and I'm sure I would have gotten defensive.
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