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Originally Posted by padsfan10 View Post
If you knew the draft wasn't on the weekend wouldn't you be just as informed to know when the draft resumes? Do you have access to email or the 'net so you know where things stand? So I pm'ed you (late) last night saying you are up, but you are not going to check at all knowing your pick is upcoming ... before noon?

Come on, imnotded can't bend over backwards for guys who aren't going to help themselves.

Talk about a guy who just doesn't get it.

If the draft is not active during the weekend and folks decide to draft anyway, that is their right. However if I am up and the draft hasn't started back up yet, I have up to the time the draft starts + the 30 minutes of my time to make my selection.

There was no posting of the time the draft started today but I was auto-picked.

Its not a helping myself issue, its a not being informed issue.
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