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I did not take part in your break as I just don't get group breaks. Maybe someday I'll change my mind but who knows. I am typing this because I wanted to thank you. I know you did it for profit which is fine but I am thanking you for the entertainment. I watched some of the breaks live and for some reason which I don't understand I loved it even though I did not have a vested interest.

I wish you nothing but the best on this as well as future breaks. I don't know you and am realitively new to this site in general but you seem to have represented yourself well in this endeavor other than the lackey that was promoting the break for you under the table and prior to the break.

I would advise if possible that you take better care in shipping from what I've seen. I can't even imagine listing/sorting/shipping 50 cases but you chose to do it so you should do it right. I would have expected as most people here did that autos be shipped top loaded. You obviously took care as I've seen no reports of damage but we have become spoiled from good sellers lately. My only other criticism is to move the damn bird. Your squawking was funny the bird not so much.

My .02 may be of no use/interest to you or anyone else but with all of the flack you are catching I thought I would be more positive and constructive. Bring on 50 more of Bowman 2013.
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