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Originally Posted by blingbrian View Post
i hate to be the one to bring it up as it looks like an excuse for his loss, but i am glad you brought it up bc this isnt the only time marquez plants his foot on mannys. i know for sure the last fight this was a big issue for pacman as well.
like what i said marquez was the fighter who visibly came to the ring well prepared. Manny looked like hes not conditioned for the fight . he was the one who was in better shape that fight. so i am in no way making an excuse of manny's loss. a loss is a loss no matter what . but the picture will tell you already how much of a fighter marquez is ... he clearly gives it all for punches he throws but at the same time ... the win was made possible by foot planting. marquez is a good fighter but he plays dirty .

im just totally surprised pacman's camp never made adjustments when marquez steps on mannys foot ...
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