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Originally Posted by the1mcjensen View Post
first 2 boxes came today.

just opened one, gonna wait for my girl to come home and let her open the other. hope the other 2 come tomorrow

results of box 1

andrew lincoln as rick auto a1
lauren cohan as maggie auto a9

wardrobe cards

m4 carl grime orange jacket
m15 glenn blue shirt
m23 maggie purple top
m32 walker horde looks like a flannel shirt black and blue plaid pattern
m30 walker horde looks like a black shirt

so based on the sell sheet, my main wants were rick auto, maggie auto, maggie wardrobe among others and i got them all in my first box.

no shadowbox though
also got 2 foil puzzle pieces and cb 05 and 08, glenn and dale.

nothing available unless i get doubles.

scans after midnight
That was one box!?!?!!!
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