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Default LF - Signed Mini Helmets & Jerseys

Looking to trade for (will buy at the right price however) Mini Helmets - possibly Jerseys and Photos - but I'll be picky on those because of framing costs.

COA is not "required" but my trade value or buy price will be adjusted based on who the COA is from.

Looking for players like

Trent Richardson
Bo Jackson
AJ Green
Aaron Rodgers
Drew Brees
HOF'ers (but the bigger names - not just anyone in the HOF)
Big Time College Players that might have busted in the Pros...(usually if you pull a random guy from one of those Tri-Star boxes or something)

I'll certainly consider anyone.

My first priority is to trade - but I only have like 6 cards left in my collection - so as I said I will consider buying at the right price.

Scans or Pictures are required before I'd agree to any deal.

Want to save 5-15% on your purchase? Check my feedback and pay via Check/MO/Cash
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