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They have donated to my Christmas break and they get little to know recognition for it so I wanted to point it out for everyone!

- $50 BO Gift Certificate donated by mystery benefactor (I cannot tell you this is Ooosh, but it really is!)
- $10 BO Gift Certificate donated by DirtyBirdy
- $150 towards more product at BO donated by mmbtvs
- ~30 Prospect Challenge codes donated by Cynner007
- ~$50 auto/relic lot of all sports donated by cobbcollector - see some images here
- $50 paypal donated by packtheripper
- $50 paypal donated by hearseguy
- $50 paypal donated by jrubbo23
- 1982 Topps baseball set & IP hockey 8X10's Martin St Louis and Trevor Lindon donated by ernieren
- 2008 Donruss Americana Sports Legends Hobby Box donated by murphy1313
- 2011 Bowman Chrome green xfractor set donated by Craiggysanford
- 2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition baseball 15 pack blister box donated by nbalinks!
- Chris Sale BGS 9.5 donated by BigEd - see image here
- $50 Blowout Gift Certificate donated by a Cubs fan. (Asked to remain anonymous.)
- 6 un-opened packs of top loaders (150 total standard size) and 12 un-opened magnetic one touch holders (10 standard size, 1 50pt and 1-120pt) donated by dirtybirdy

Adding names to the list almost daily. Please thank these people if you get the opportunity!

Also, a few others have asked to donate and we are working out the details. For donation of items, I am asking donors to wait and ship directly to the winner. Bypassing me altogether.

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