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I have Joes,vehicles and more.
My issue is what you are offering on items. I also prefer to trade if you have other toys.
I only have newer Joes on card
Most of my older 1982-1986 are loose.
Per Vehicles, I will have to double check ( I have too many toys to keep tabs on it all in my head at times )
Water Moccasin
Sears Vamp and hal Exclusive I THINK

and others I have yet to identify
Liek the Wolverine, I only have 1 missle, looking for more to complete it. I have the dragonfly ( i think that is what it is) but one of the props is broken so I have to get around to repairing it.
It's just a massive mess down there right now,so keep me in mind for a bit down the road once I finish going through all of the boxes and have stuff sorted.
My current toy focus, per this board, is hashing out a deal for a ride-on THomas the train that a friend has and is VERY proud of
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