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Default Walking Dead Season 2 FS

I pulled the following items from my 2 boxes of the walking dead. Prices are dlvd.

2 Complete Sets 20each
CB02 5
CB04 5
CB08 5
CB09 5
M12 Andrea Striped Shirt w/ Stripe 40
M5 Andrea "Blue" Hoodie 40
M32 Walking Horde (looks like dark leopard print) 30
M29 Walking Horde (Tan Flannel, multiple colors) 30
SB03 10
SB04 10

Also have Transformers Peter Cullen "Optimus Prime" Auto 100
Currently looking for the following cards:
1992 score mickey mantle autograph(Already Got)
1994 upper deck mickey mantle autograph
1993 pinnacle Joe dimaggio autograph
2010 topps chipper Jones/ mickey mantle dual gu/50(Got)

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